Saturday, March 18, 2023

Day + 9 Not Feeling It


Mia ia not feeling good today. Her hgb dropped down from 10.0 to 9.2 and all other counts are at zero basically. (Platelets are 28) so not getting those today. If I had to guess, she may get platelets and a blood transfusion tomorrow at the rate her hgb is dropping. Just getting up and going to the bathroom is exhausting. She managed to do 1 small lap around the unit. 

She's tyring to do all the thing she's supposed to do, like mouthwashes etc. she's just behind. It's ok Mia, you have all day to do it. We still don't know why there is blood in her urine ... it's a mystery at this point, so they are testing everything to see, could be because of low platelets?? Who knows, so they are monitroing that. Unfortunately that means lots of fluids so frequent trips to the bathroom.

She is also getting cellcept today, (called Mycophenolate) an anti rejection med. Today is the first in 5 days of not getting platelets ... but possibly she will tomorrow. 


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