Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Day -1 Transplant / Transport

Mia woke up to another blood transfusion ... her hgb was 9.3 ... and they like for it to be at least 9.5 The TBI (toal body irradiation) will pretty much destroy all her cells ... and she doesn't make any red cells, so she definitely needed something to get her through all of this. 

That's 2 units of red cells she's had since she's been here, we are praying that it will be her last, or one of her last ones at least. She has a rough road ahead as her body engrafts the new marrow. 

Mia got picked up for transport by a fancy uber aka ambulance to the full body radiation appoinment just 2 miles away from the hospital at the North Campus.  Mia's sweet nurse Hannah, came in ON HER DAY OFF, to accompany Mia on the ride over. How sweet is that??

Once there, Mia was ready to go. She had previously been measured for the radiation a little over a week ago when we came down to Tucson for all those appointments. So it actually went pretty quick. Mia is used to 3-4 hour MRI's for the iron overload ... this was 45 minutes. Dr. Stea told us that this full body radiation Mia is getting is only 1/6th of a normal dose. That's interesting.

Ok this table is giving me 1800's vibes ... haha!

Super interesting ... no one else can be in the room when the radiation machine is going ...

But they have eyes and ears on patients at all times through all these cameras.

Ok so fun fact: (We can't even make this up)    - The Radiation technician that helped Mia today, found out that Mia had DBA (probably from her chart) so when the technicians switched sides, she told Mia, I have a funny story to tell you, but I'll tell you after. Mia said ok.

She helped Mia walk back to catch her ambulance ride, and told her ... she herself (the technicain) was her oen sisters bone marrow donor 15 years ago ... her sister ALSO HAD DBA. She even has the DBA logo tattooed on her leg. WHAT??? What are the chnace of that? Our of every cancer and rare anemias, it happened to be dba? And her sister by the way is doing great. 

Mia was in shock, but at the same time ... it was a small sign from God that everything is going to be ok. We are exactly where we are supposed to be. How amazing is that?!!!

HEre she is showing us her tatoo - of DBA. What are the chances of that?????!!!!!! It was meant to be.

Hugs all around, for sure.

Then we caught the fancy uber back to the hospital ... shout out to Jeremiah and Joseph for being so kind and awesome ther and back, and for taking such good car of Mia. Also to nurse Hannah, on her day off!

Let ride.

Mia recieved from mail that was sent to the hospital ... thank you Grannie, Sharon, Great Aunt Barbara, Our neighbor's Ray & Linda, the nurses and others! It really is so nice to be thought of. 

We taped all the cards to the walls so Mia can see them every day.

Nurse Hannah helped access Mia's port ... (port's name is Alyssa) to get ready for the big day tomorrow. After that Mia got in some laps at the hospital. 

There is a nice view of the mountains from the window down the hall.

Get those laps in Mia girl & Rachel.

Probably talking about what Taylor Swift song they are going to listen to next!

Mom went back to the Ronald Mcdonald house in Tucson ... to have dinner with Maddy and Matt who drove down from home. It's such a nice place. We are so thankful to be able to stay there.

Maddy and dad drove back to the hospital to say hi to Mia. That sure cheered Mia up. In total Mia got 3 big laps and 1 small which is great!

The family together (just missing Ashley + Alyssa) going on a walk before the big day for both girls. 

Mia and DAD

Maddy and Mia <3 Maddy is ready to give Mia a chance at a new life. Maddy is beyond the bravest girl in the entire world to want to do this for her sister. 

Prayers - for a successful harvest for Maddy and for Mia's body to accept & engraft the new cells. Thank you God for this opportunity!


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