Friday, August 14, 2015

Ode to Taylor Swift

These girls were surprised with tickets to the Taylor Swift Concert last Friday night!! You can watch the Youtube video by clicking here. What a wonderful surprise!!!

Thanks to our sweet neighbor Ken who thought of these girls back in February when the tickets came on sale...and wanted them to go so badly to her concert, he bought 4 tickets for them. Make sure you watch the video above to see how the girls were surprised on Ken's Birthday!!

Mia has battled 'Bad Blood' all her life. I sincerely hope someone can help here and her sisters meet Taylor Swift, even for a moment! It would mean everything. Mia's sisters have truly been there for her for almost 13 years. Having a child with a life threatening illness affects more than just the affects the whole family. Mia is alive today because of generous blood donors...words could never say thank you enough. I wish more than anything these sweet girls of mine could make an epic memory...of meeting Taylor Swift.

Mama McP is crazy and wrote a poem to Taylor Swift...haha! My hope is that someone would see this and let these girls meet her. The memory would be forever!


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