Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Transfusion #145

August 31st, 2016 - Mia's #145 transfusion to stay alive.
A little Dutch Brother's always brings a smile.

Mia was so exhausted that she slept for about 2 hours.
She doesn't like the fact that someone woke up one day
and decided that she needs to try and space out her transfusions
to every 4 weeks instead of every 3 weeks. 
She feels as if they are trying to treat the 'disease' and not the
person. She's learning that she has to stick up for herself 
and advocate on behalf of herself.
Mia's quality of life goes down drastically when she doesn't
get her transfusions.
I mean, you can imagine right??
If you don't have any blood in your die.
Plain and simple.

Despite a tasty DB coffee, not a whole lot of smiles today.
Kind of...not in the mood for all this.
I get it, we all have those days, and God gives
us lots of emotions to feel.

At least Mia feels better blood wise. Thank you blood donors 
for your generous gift of life!

Sunday, August 28, 2016


Mia was able to say thank you to blood donors at 
Redemption Tempe Church this morning. 
It's always good to see a blood drive that is busy.

Thank you Daddy for donating blood.

Thanks Mom for donating blood.

We would do anything for you Miss Mia!

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Be The Match - Arizona Cardinals

After Mia's 144th...she's feeling good! 
Perfect because today we are heading to the U of P stadium for
a Be The Match Drive in honor of a little girl named Anna.
We are so happy to help!
We are: #AllinforAnna

Big smiles for the first time at the Cardinals Stadium.
It's so cool that the first time here was for a Be the Match Drive.

Quick wardrobe change...we put on our #AllinforAnna
Be The Match shirts!

I think Mia loves the stadium!

Click here to read about Be The Match and how you can potentially
save a life...just like Mia's.

If you want to draw people in...just have the big red bird
come by your table! You would not believe the lines of people waiting
to get a photo, perfect opportunity to share about Be The Match.

Another awesome way to draw crowds of people is to have AZ Cards 
Cheerleaders!! Shelby and Dani were SO sweet to be there with us...and they
got a lot of attention for our table. We are so thankful ladies!!
You sure helped us, thank you so much!

Be The Match had some pretty awesome volunteers...from the
Phoenix Rescue Mission who were more than happy to help
spread the word for us around the stadium.

Thank you SO much Phoenix Rescue Mission for your service to help
patients like Mia. We so appreciate your time to volunteer.

If you want to make a mom cry...then this is it. 
What a sight to see a bunch of awesome guys
praying over your daughter, to be Jesus name.
That is my prayer everyday...and God is faithful.
If not here on this earth then for sure in heaven.

"For where two or three are gathered together in my name,
there am I in the midst of them." Matt. 18:20

Taking a break and watching #CardsCamp

We spy #93 Calais Campbell...he is our favorite Cardinals player!!

He visited Mia in the hospital about 3 years ago now, and we
have been HUGE fans ever since.
Go #93!!

Mia working away signing people up for Be The Match!

Look at this sweet pea! She is the reason why we went today...
Anna needs a bone marrow transplant. You can follow her HERE
What a sweet girl!! Please keep her in your prayers.

Look who we saw! Mia's buddy Kwamie Lassiter, formal Cards
player...and his son Kwincy JUST had a bone marrow transplant for
sickle cell anemia. Be sure to Click Here to see the 
We LOVE you Kwamie!! (Maddie too!)

The people you meet along the way in life are so awesome.
Thank you SO much for helping us today...we appreciate your time
more than you know.

We ended our time with another prayer from the other half of the group.
We are so blessed that so many people think and PRAY for
Mia. Brings tears to my eyes, we are forever grateful and blessed
beyond measure. There is kindness and goodness in this world.
#Pray4Mia #GodisGood #InJesusName

Friday, August 5, 2016

Mia's 144th Blood Transfusion

Wednesday, Aug. 3rd
 at Mia's doctor appointment to check her blood counts.
It always takes a's at least a 2 hour appointment especially
if we go to POTC to type and cross.
Thank goodness for snapchat to keep us busy!

Mom loves you Mia <3
God loves you even more!!
Her hemoglobin came back at 8.7 (yikes, so low!)

We went straight to POTC to get a type and cross...where
they match her blood type to the type that she receives when she gets
her monthly blood transfusion.
Mia is A+ so she can receive any of these blood types:


UGhhh, the poor girl was beyond exhausted. 
So pale, tired, and slept all morning.

Sweet girl.

Finally feeling better thanks to whoever donated their
blood to her. We are so grateful for you!

Alive, first because God saved her from dying when she was little,
and second because people share their life with her when they
donate blood. (Just like how Jesus did for us!)

In honor of the Olympics...our awesome nurses busted out some
gymnastics moves for all the patients.
Of course they win the GOLD...always.