Friday, December 15, 2017

Mia's 165 - Reaction

Mia had to cut short her 165th transfusion due to her very
first reaction to a blood product. 
This has NEVER happened before...
so it was a shock and a little scary to say the least. 
She received her first unit just fine,
but as the other unit started...a little bit after that her
eyes got swollen and it looked like hives.
It started in her right eye and then moved to the left.

So sorry Mia.
We knew this could happen but didn't really expect it to.

No pics!

We were able to donate a bunch of toys to the hospital from Dad's
flag football that was awesome!

Mia you are the bravest girl in the whole wide world that
I know. You must be strong because God gives his toughest battles
to His strongest soldiers.