Friday, April 28, 2017

Mia's 155 Blood Transfusion

Never Stop Giving...
That's what Mia's shirt says.
(She designed it thru Paperclouds Apparel)
Never stop giving...of your time, blood, and bone marrow!
All these things help keep Mia alive.

"Never Stop Giving"

Can't forget about the homework either...
way to go Mia, even in the hospital she gets it done!

Loving the both our shirts Mia designed...

Always nice to see a sister when in the hospital. 

Mia took a trip up to Sophie's Place and jammed out
on the ukulele...with dad. All in all it was a good day!


May 1st, Mia's School Blood Drive
in honor of her.
The goal: 26 blood donations
Received: 31 donations & 2 power red = 33 units!
33 People will go on living thanks to this blood drive.

Thanks DAD for donating!! 

Friday, April 7, 2017

Banner Children's Golf Tournament - Mia The Emcee

Mia was asked to help be the Junior Emcee along side of 
Mathew Blades from the benefit the Banner Children's
Hopsital School Program...where no kids are left behind!
It was a great day, no too hot, up in Scottsdale at the JW Mariott
Wildfire Golf Club.

Mia and her school hospital teacher, Miss Virginia <3

Mia actually drove around the golf course and thanked 
everyone for participating and donating to such a great cause!

She's actually a really good driver!

We had fun together :) 

GO Mia...

We caught up with Tyson Nash from the AZ Coyotes...
he would like to have a Be The Match Drive at the 
Coyotes to help get more cheek swabs into the registry.

Mia is a star everywhere she goes!!

We need to find these photos!

It really was a great event.

We love the JW Marriott!!

Mia and Mathew Blades doing their thing!

Working the crowd for sure...

All the teams played great!

It was hard to miss these guys out on the course...
you could see them a mile away!!

Mia got to meet Randall McDaniel NFL hall of fame football
player turned teacher...SO cool. What a very nice guy!
Thank you to Banner Children's for allowing us to help with
fundraising efforts at the hospital we've been at for over 14 years.
We love you so much for keeping Mia alive all these years!!
VERY THANKFUL for all that you do!