Along The Journey

May 8th, 2018 - Best night ever - got to meet Taylor
Swift at a meet and greet before her
#ReputationTour concert! What a FUN memory to have
with my sisters <3

Ever since Mia's 100th transfusion party at Cardon Children's Medical Center we've met some very kind and generous people along the way. We tweeted to see if Johnjay, Rich and Kyle could come just to say hi at her 100th party in the Forever Young Zone and they did. Producer Bill came as well and they all brought Mia Taylor Swift gear - because she LOVES T-Swift! It was awesome, they did not have to do that! They took their time out of their day to make Mia smile.

Click Here to read AZ Central news article

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Johnjay, Rich and Kyle from the hit radio station Kiss FM and i heart radio invited Mia to the studio to meet Zendaya, they made a video of Mia's special trip to the studio,  Click HERE  It involves Taylor Swift and Zendaya! Too cute, we love this video!! They couldn't get Taylor Swift's autograph in time for the 100th party so they gave it to her in the fun!

We got to listen to the Stone Temple Pilots speak about Stars of the Season which benefits Cardon Children's Medical Center. What a nice group of guys! Mia (or Madi) stole Robert DeLeo's sunglasses, oop. But it was all in good fun. They gave them back!

Chester Bennington was such a good sport and these girls loved having fun with him. Too funny. Madi and Mia fit right in! Make sure to watch the Linkin Park Thank You video Mia was able to be in as a thank you to Linkin Park and STP. Cardon Kids Rock!

Mia got a fun visit from Calais Campbell who plays for the Arizona Cardinals. He is one tall and extremely nice guy! Mia is definitely a fan. He is so kind to kids and does a lot for them. He's our favorite Cardinal, go Calais!

Mia and big sis Ash got to see the first ever Move Live on Tour with Derek and Julianne Hough. What a fun night, and thank you to Comerica Theatre for sponsoring the tickets. We are huge Dancing With the Stars fans, and watch every season. We couldn't believe we got to meet them and get a photo, how fun! They are super nice to their fans and of course, watching them both dance live was amazing!

We tweeted to Tito Ortiz, who had connections to United Blood Services, and he came to Arizona to help host a blood drive, how awesome! We are so thankful for him taking time away from his family to help us out, thank you Tito! Click Here to see the news interview!

Mia was signed as 'assistant coach' to the Phoenix Mercury basketball team during the 2014 playoffs...see 'Coach Mia' for lots of fun photos of her journey with the team.

We were blessed to be able to meet Derek and Julianne Hough again!! This time they came to Mia's hospital for a very cool room opening up called Sophie's Place. It's a music therapy room especially for children at the hospital. We hope to help Sophie's Place raise money to build the new room at Cardon Children's Medical Center.

Thanks for taking some extra time to take pics with these girls, they loved it!


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