Thursday, June 23, 2016

United Blood Services / VolunTEENS

What a fund morning of talking to VolunTEENS at Dignity Health / Mercy Gilbert Hospital
about the importance of donating blood. Mia knows first hand that she would not be alive
without people taking the time to donate blood.

Mia and her United Blood Services buddy Sharon work so well together!

GO Mia and Sharon!

A little Teen Jeopardy to see if they were listening, haha!

These amazing teen volunteers will go on to change the world!

We are so happy to have met them!

We know Omar will go on to do some amazing things in the medical field. 

Nice to meet you Garrette!

When you are on a have to stop and take a pic.

Hey that's me!

Mia holding a blown up photo of her when she spoke at Highland High School's pep assembly 
to encourage all the kids to donate blood!

Mia with Jeanette and Sharon, whom we love dearly.
We are beyond blessed wot have these ladies work so hard
to make sure the Arizona blood supply is stocked and ready
to go for patients like Mia.
Thank you SO much!

Friday, June 17, 2016

When you Donate Blood, Mia Gets to LIVE!

Thanks to amazing, selfless, generous people who donate blood,
Mia gets to truly live life to it's fullest.
Mia finds the beach is the best medicine there is.

She also gets to do fun things with her sisters...
like go to Sea World.
What a great photo bomb!

We make so many memories thanks to blood donors.

Watch out for that shark!

Getting soaked on the journey to Atlantis!!
SO much fun.

So much fun they went again!! #Splash

Then they wanted to get splashed thanks to Shamu!

On June was World Blood Donor Day. Here is our thank you
photo to everyone who takes the time to donate blood,
Mia wouldn't be here without you!

Mia loves spending time with her sisters...this time
is priceless together.

What a fun time paddle boarding!

We are forever grateful for this time spent together!

Thank you blood donors for allowing this to happen!

Friday, June 10, 2016

Blood Donations

We stopped by United Blood Services so Mom could donate blood.
Mia came along for suppport.

We hope everyone who is available to donate blood, will do so
especially in this hot summer...!

We know world blood donor day is around the corner,
so we wanted to advertise...haha!

Friday, June 3, 2016

Mia's #142

Sweet girl...pale and tired.