Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Isagenix - Speaking Engagement

Mia should honestly be a motivational speaker.
Her story is so touching and she inspires so many different types of 
people and groups with her life.
Mia is thrilled to be given the opportunity with a speaking
engagement in front of 5-7 thousand people at the
New Year's Isagenix conference in Phoenix in January.
CLICK HERE to read their article about Mia
and giving back.

We can't wait to raise awareness of Be The Match and Mia will
be representing as a make a wish kid as well.

Funny because Mia is one of THEE most thankful people in the world.

We love Arizona for keeping Mia alive!!

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Mia's 164th Blood Transfusion

Today is Mia’s 15 year anniversary of when we rushed her to the ER 
when she was 6 weeks old. The Tuesday before Thanksgiving she had her very
 1st blood transfusion with a hemaglobin of 2.4 - yikes! 
We are beyond THANKFUL for all the people that have donated blood
 to keep this sweet girl alive all these years. 
We have a Heart of Thankfulness for the gift of life.
Shirt by: Sweet T's

Thankful is understated.

Dr. P. - Who saved Mia's life. 
We love you and could never
say thank you enough.
15 years later...

Blessed with a surprise from big sis Alyssa and 
Lily!! These girls brought food, always a bonus!

If you could only see the scar tissue that has built up.

A huge THANK YOU to Love is in the BAG for
giving Mia a fabulous love bag filled with extra special goodies.
Blessed beyond measure and extra thankful this Thanksgiving.