Monday, January 30, 2017

Mia's #151

Wow, her counts were so low.
Friday: 7.2
Transfusion scheduled for Monday.
Missed a week of school simply because of not enough
blood...literally no energy.

She always smiles though.

I'm not going to lie, she was very pale.

Feeling better after 2 units of life saving blood.

As always, thank you blood donors for the gift of life!

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Make A Wish - AZ Concours D'Elegance

Mia had such a FUN time at the Biltmore in Scottsdale 
to help judge cars as a fundraiser for Make A Wish Arizona.
All the wish kids had a blast...and even got to walk the red carpet.

What cute wish kids!

Mia with her new friends Priscilla and Ivy - so sweet!

One of Mia's favorite cars was this Ferrari!!
Here she is judging it earlier in the day...

The owners let her sit in it...

There's Luke showing her how to drive it...
Be Careful now because she will take this car on a road trip!

This Ferrari won a double award and Mia was asked if she could ride in it
down the red carpet...yes please!
She rode with the owners son Connor.

You can just see her curls sitting shotgun, how FUN!
What a great memory for Miss Mia!

Accepting the award...Mia and Connor.
Connor is the son of Kevin, see below.
There's a reason we met them.

Here is a neat story, so of ALL the cars and people there...
Mia loved Kevin's Ferrari, he is the owner of the car. 
It turns out, he is a bone marrow donor!
He donated his stem cells to his sister about 10 years ago
as she went under a transplant.
She is doing great now!!
What hope that gives us for Miss Mia.
(We are still waiting by the way to see if she has a match!)

Mia and all the wish kids had a fun morning judging the cars.
Below are just fun pics from throughout the day.

This car was made in 1909!
The owner drives it to the grocery store all the time.

This is the only time I'll let you drive Mia!

For you Grannie!

Moms color!

Mia loved the red interior of this car.

This was a unique fun car to look at:
Mclaren P1
It goes 217 MPH.
Mia said she could be in Cali in 2 go to the Beach!

This Bugatti was insured for 31 million...yikes!
Don't scratch it.

We found a GB flag!

Thank you Make A Wish ... it was a fun day and we are so happy
that you raised $100,000. for future wishes for kids like me!

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Redemption Tempe / Be the Match

Mia was able to briefly share her story in front
of Redemption Church Tempe this morning...about
the need for a bone marrow transplant to cure her.

Chris Bean, a Be The Match advocate, and Veronica, who went
on to donate bone marrow stood with her and shared their passion
for saving lives as well.

Way to go Mia!

Mia is a pro at sharing her story and asking strangers
to either donate their blood or bone marrow...
and people happily accept.

Listen to Mia...

After the 9AM church service, we had 91 people sign up!!
We couldn't believe it, praise the Lord!
It was packed...and we were happy to do it!

Way to go Mia...helping out.

People filling out paper work and cheek swabbin!

After the 11am service we had more people sign up...
the total: 188 new people registered to the bone marrow registry!
Ahhhhhhhh yeah!

Nice Job guys!!
Thank you to all these awesome volunteers helping to
save lives...we hope people find their match.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Mia's 150th Transfusion

Sweet will feel better soon.

She slept all morning...and then had a wonderful surprise!

McKenna from Blanket Hugs handmade a custom
blanket especially for Mia.
It has one of her favorite bible verses on it...
Psalm 139:14
'I am fearfully and wonderfully made.'
LOVE it, McKenna is sick herself and finds therapy 
making blankets for others.
SO sweet!

If there is one thing in this life...

Mia watching a movie snuggling with her special blanket.
It was a good 150th and I am so thankful she feels so much
better!! It was a long wait over New Year's but she's good, 
for the next 3 weeks. Thank you Lord & blood donors!