Monday, May 22, 2023

Day + 74 Dr. K


Dr. K is back from his trip visiting his kids and running a 10K! (He literally got first place in his age division ... he literally is the best doctor ever!) 

I got to see my buddy Adrian who is kicking Leukemia's butt. We are going to get together and play basketball at the park by my house and eat ice cream soon.

Dr. K said my face is as pink as my pants ... because my hemoglobin is SO high at 13. It's a rally weird feeling to process being cured, and not needing blood transfusions. My retic is 2.7 - WILD that it is so high and holding steady after it being at zero for the past 20 years.

I'm on my way to no more ports or pokes ... someone pinch me, thank you God for this opportunity to be healed! I'm so thankful!!


  1. I am always willing to see if I may be a match to donate blood or bone marrow.