Friday, April 15, 2016

Banner Charity Golf Tournament

Mia was able to help her hospital, Banner - 
Cardon Children's Medical Center...
say thank you to all the people supporting
and donating money to go towards schools
in the hospital. Mia was so happy to help!

Charity Golf Classic 2016

Grayhawk Golf Club is realllllly pretty.

Mia entered a coloring contest during one of her transfusions...the contest was:
What does school mean to you?
She drew this...and her artwork ended up on all the
volunteers shirts. SO cool! Go Mia.

If we only had this ricking chair in the back yard!!

Mia + Mom

Thanks Tyson Nash and Mathew Blades for supporting kids like Mia!

Thank you Joe Saunders and JJ Putz for supporting kids like Mia!

Thank you to Pro-Golfer Blair O'Neal and Ed from ASU 
supporting kids like Mia!

Mia being ... Mia, working the crowd saying thank you!

We had a fun time riding around in the golf cart!

Then it was time for a type and cross to get ready for Monday's 
transfusion day.
Mia you do so much to help others...keep up the good work!


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