Thursday, April 28, 2016

Doing What She Loves - Riding Horses!

Mia riding Breeze - who was just diagnosed with Lymphoma behind her eye.
She is a very sweet (sometimes stubborn) horse.
We just wanted you to see that when you donate blood...
people get to LIVE and do what they love.
For Mia it's riding horses.
Horses are Healing.

Lets do this Breeze.

Perfect afternoon to ride at Welcome Home Ranch.

Mia loves her riding instructor Becca...! 
She's fun to be with.

Love that smile. 

Time to go in...

But first, lots of love.

Thank you to our neighbor Ken for finding this place
and setting up Mia's horse lessons.
She loves them so much.
What great memories!

Until next time.


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