Monday, April 18, 2016

Highland High School Blood Drive

Mia got the chance to go to her favorite high school.. Highland to say
thank you to the students for donating blood.

The theme was rock n roll!!

Haha inspiring others to donate blood!

These students rock...they are the blood drive coordinators for their
school. They are awesome, and you can find them at ASU
next year! 

We will, we will...donate!!!

We hope to see these blood bags they can help save lives.

Mia thanking the donors...and she also took a basket of water, juice, and snacks
to see if anyone needed anything, So sweet.

Good luck on your retirement! 

Oh just one of the best teachers ever...Mr. Allen!

Mia with Bob & Jill on the new blood bus for UBS.
We think we will take this bus on tour...and inspire
people to save lives!

Thank you Highland High School for always being awesome and so 
sweet to little Mia. She would not be where she is today without you!


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