Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Blood Drives + Be The Match

This morning...we had a great time thanking blood donors at a drive in Tempe.
Thank you BE Aerospace for hosting a blood drive.
You helped to save lives just like Mia!

What do we think about blood drives?!?!
We love to help be apart of saving lives.

Thank you Lynn for being a fabulous blood coordinator,
and for letting Mia pick the name for the raffle!!
Whoever donated blood got to be a part of a raffle to
win a special prize.

No peaking Mia!!

Who could it be?!?!

A very nice lady named Jackie...!!!!

We are so thankful for these guys who have the very important job
of collecting blood from blood donors.
Without their help, Mia would not be here.
Thank you United Blood Services!! 

After that blood drive, we made our way over to Dobson High School...
they had a blood drive AND Be The Match Drive going on.
We were able to help collect a few cheeks swabs in the short time
we were there. Awesome! 

Mia also got to meet Stephen Dwyer, a bone marrow transplant survivor!!
He was able to share some of his story with Mia.
He rocks and is so inspiring. Look out for him world, he is on a mission!

Mia lets take a pic...nope.

Thank you to all these Dobson High kids for donating blood!!
Mia is blessed with the gift of life because of blood donors. <3


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