Monday, May 8, 2023

Day + 60 Adrian is Doing Good!


My buddy Adrian is doing good too - he is recovering from his stem cell transplant battling leukemia. His family Brough me a Dutch Bros drink - thanks guys! 

I haven't seen Dr. Hanmode since before my transplant, so he's really happy with my progress, so Nicholette my NP. 

Since it's National Nurses Week - We went to Dutch Bros for my POTC nurses at Cardon Children's Medical Center ... 

Got spoil these nurses while we can!

It was my first time "OUT" getting something which was fun, just to be outside. The things we sometimes take for granted. Thank you Dutch Bros!

I went to show Adrian the Big Outside ... 

It's an outdoor / but indoor play area for kids in the hospital, how fun! I think I helped somehow to raise money for that. Go Cardon's!!! Helping kids to have fun despite what they are going through, I'm here for that! 


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