How You Can Help

Donate Blood 

We hope and pray for a cure to Diamond Blackfan Anemia. As of now, there is not a cure. Mia has had 195 life sustaining blood transfusions to date to survive and she will require many more units of blood to simply live. If Mia did not receive her blood transfusions she would not be here today.

We are VERY thankful to the people who work at UNITED BLOOD SERVICES who recruit people on a daily basis to donate blood. In the state of Arizona, 500 blood donors are needed daily to keep our states hospitals stocked with blood on the shelves so patients (like Mia) who need it to survive, going through cancer treatments and car accident victims ensure they receive the gift of life when they need it. I don't know what we would do without UBS, we are so grateful for all who work there.

*Please consider donating blood, no matter where you live, because it will save a life, just like Mia's. 
Please watch how this High School loves and supports Mia, by making the students aware of how important donating blood is: Highland High School

If you told Mia you didn't like needles, she would tell you, 'Suck It' Up' - because neither do I.

Donate Marrow

Mia's only hope for a cure would be a bone marrow transplant

SIMPLY TEXT: Mia to 61474 to order a cheek swab to your house!

Be The Match is the World's largest bone marrow donor registry. Mia's 3 sisters have been tested but are not a sibling match to Mia. It's up to you, someone reading this could be Mia's Match, or someone
else's perfect match. YOU could save a life. You could be someone's medicine.

Please consider ordering a kit to be sent to your house for a simple 'cheek swab' or find a Be The Match Drive near you. It's free if you are between the ages of 18-44 years old, if you are 'over qualified' (meaning too old) please consider a donation in any amount as each kit to get tested is $100.00. Thank you so much, beyond words!

CLICK HERE for more information or to donate to Mia's Be The Match Page!

Donate to any of these Charities in Honor of Mia

We would be very grateful if  DBA had a cure. The only way to help find a cure is to help fund the DBA foundation as they are working around the clock to help find patients like Mia a way to live DBA free. It is such a rare disorder that people just don't know about it. Our prayer is that Mia would be cured one day on this earth.

Hope is truly the best medicine there is. They provide activities and fun things to do for the entrie family, as it's not just hard for the person going through the life threatening illness. We have enjoyed many movies together as a family thanks to Hopekids.

Make A Wish
Our family had the best trip to Hawaii thanks to Make A Wish!! Mia wanted to see it with her own eyes, and she got to swim with the dolphins. We are blessed! What they do for families is amazing...if you would like to see more of our trip click here.

Mia’s Go Fund Me Page- Mia more than anything would like to go to England and meet her family on her moms side that she's never met. Of course, traveling out of the country is very expensive so we made this Go Fund Me Page for her in hopes of raising enough money to one day be able to take her and meet her Grannie's side of the family that lives just outside of London. She also has her heart set on seeing New York and attending a Broadway play one day. If anyone feels led to help Mia reach her dream we are so very thankful. Thank you to who has already donated on Mia's behalf.
Mia would also love to travel around to different high schools around the USA and raise awareness of donating blood and Be The Match. (Basically - go on tour!) If you catch high schoolers when they are young, they are more likely to donate blood again and once you turn 18, you can be on the bone marrow registry for life. We hope her story inspires others to simply save lives because saving lives never gets old.


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