Monday, May 1, 2023

Day + 53 Monday Doctor Appointment


It's Monday ... time to check labs and see how my blood levels are doing. 

It's a wild thought to think I won't have to do this so much by next year. I can actually live a normal life and get on with ... my life. That is just surreal to me.

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My hemoglobin is 13.1    .....     what is this?!? Never has my hgb been this high on my OWN before. My mom tried to donate platelets last week but couldn't because her hemoglobin was only 12.1 (you have to be 12.5 to donate) so I'm higher than her?!?! Hahahhhahhahahhhhaa ... what.

My platelets are basically back to normal at 180 ... they were the last cells to appear and grow. I had about maybe 20ish or so platelet infusions back in the hospital, but now my body is producing them just fine by itself. YAY!

My retic is coming down now and leveling off ... yay. It was 4. something. My whole life this number has been zero ... since I never have made my own red blood cells before. GO Maddy's cells. Wow, she volunteered to give me this new life so I could live without blood transfusions. Thank you Maddy.


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