Thursday, September 24, 2015

Zendaya's Birthday Wish

#tbt - 2 years ago today...Mia got to meet Zendaya in the JJ&R studio after her 100th party at the hospital. They invited her to come when Zendaya would be there. SO cool!! If you've never seen her in person, she's so tall! Mia and Zendaya share September as their birthday month. Zendaya wants people to help her with a goal for her birthday...please consider helping her!

We are always looking for ways to GIVE BACK - and this is a great way you can help! We hope Zendaya reaches her goal. 

Thank you Zendaya for being an example to kids today to not think about themselves but others who are fighting whatever it is they are going through. #GIVEBACK

Click Here to see when Mia was in the studio with Zendaya.