Saturday, September 19, 2015

Mia's 13th Birthday!

Happy birthday Mia...and happy birthday to her nurse Miss Christine! What a great day to be Birthday Buddies! Miss Christine has been Mia's nurse since Mia was 2 months old. We are super blessed because of her. 

We love our friends at PeppedUP! You must check them out and see what they's amazing.

The Phoenix Suns and the Phoenix Mercury donated tons of hats to the Mad Hatter tea party...for kids going through chemo that lose their hair. Thank you Suns and Merc family!! You are the best!

Mia with the awesome peeps from Back in Line Spine...they are so sweet! Thanks for coming guys...(they helped mom be able to run at this event so it's very much appreciated!)

Yep, Mia's ready for her massage!! Haha...

So is Howler from the Phoenix Coyotes...too cute!

One of the best teachers in the world...Bob Allen from Highland High School!! He represented...Highland should be proud. He rocked it! 

Team Mia!!

Mia and some friends and teachers from awesome they came out to support so so sweet!!! Thank you SO much!

Let's do was a great walk, hot though...I mean it's not fall yet in Arizona! 

People signing up for Be The Match...yay thank you!

Mia's Santan Storm teachers...and school nurse. YOU ALL ARE THE BEST for coming to support sweet Mia. Thank you Thank You Thank you! If you only knew all the stuff they do for her, and are going to do...we will keep you posted!! Best School Ever!

Survivor walk 

Getting ready to walk...

Survivors let's go.

Mia is definitely a survivor...she's lived with DBA for 13 years now. Wow, thank you blood donors!

Our sweet friends the Arizona Ghost Busters stopped by to give Mia some very sweet and generous gifts!You guys are the best...thank you so much!

We love you guys so much...thank you for everything and all that you do to serve our community! <3

Thank you Phoenix Mercury for making this...Mia loves you and wants you to win at tonights game!!


  1. Many wishes to Mia, Every Wish make Birthday Baby celebrates all the year..Happy Birthday wishes to you God bless Mia

  2. Mia's 13th Birthday was just so gorgeous. My cousin is also going to celebrate her 16th birthday at one of the Los Angeles venues and she is going to use mermaid theme for that. We all are busy creating the DIY crafts for the table décor. It is so fun time and I hope that the birthday would also be blasting.