Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Mia's 131st Blood Transfusion

Mia finally feels better after #131 ...bless her sweet heart. Thank you blood donors for helping her be on this earth for another few weeks. We could never say thank you enough for taking the time out of your day to donate blood. 

Our family doesn't know what we'd do without Mia.

A little walk to the toy closet...

Mia picked this book out from the toy closet...looks like a good read. We are planning on reading it as a family .

Surprise!!! The hospital MADE a very special batch of bacon cupcakes...just for Mia. 

Wow, how awesome is that?!?! 

Then the chef's came by to see if she liked them...of course she did!

The Birthday Girls (have the same birthday 9/19) Happy Birthday Girls!

A nice surprise visit from Dad at lunch time...we love you!

Looking at the trains on the way to lunch...

Mia's iv pole statred beeping so we had to go back...haha! Quick fix.

Lucky for us, there was a raffle going on to help Cardon Children' dad bought tickets and Mia and Madi had fun picking out what basket they wanted to win.

Walking through the hospital need a key Mia to all the doors!

We ended the afternoon with a little Music Therapy with our sweet friend Miss Angela. 

Mia will be one of the kids on a video jamming out to Music to help raise awareness of Sophie's Place, a new Music Therapy room going in the hospital. She cannot wait for this to happen. We hope it's soon. As always, thank you to everyone who donates blood...Mia wouldn't be here with out you!


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