Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Mia's 100th Party at the Hospital

We can't believe it's been two years since Mia's 100th Blood Transfusion Party at Cardon Children's Medical Center!! On September 8, 2013 many of our family, friends, and hospital crew gathered to celebrate Mia surviving 100 transfusions to keep her alive, all thanks to amazing and generous blood donors. Anything 100 is a milestone...and we just could not do nothing, We talked about doing something for Mia that year before. Of course we have amazing friends who bent over backwards to help make this awesome...(Kelly, Melinda, Kim, & Brooke!) I will never for get your kindness in helping with all the donations etc. WOW! It was awesome. 

CLICK HERE to see how the day went.  

CLICK HERE to see the awesome 'cup song' Mia's nurses made up for her. We love them, they are SO sweet to do that for her...Mia loves her Music therapy because  #MusicHeals!!


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