Saturday, January 13, 2018

Madison Fills in For Mia

Mia had been looking forward to speaking at the 
Isagenix #NYKO 2018 conference for weeks.
Unfortunately, Mia was overcome by the flu the day
before she was supposed to go on stage speaking.
We were mortified.
This had never happened before as we have been
fortunate enough to always make most of our events
illness free.
Madison, Mia's little sister, 11 years old, 
said that she would step in for her big sis.
Thank goodness for Madison because
I don't know why we would have done!

Sweet Madison woke up to the questions, 'Hey Madison...
I have the biggest favor...can you go on stage for Mia in
front of 5 thousand people??'
Haha love you Madders.
Here she is in the green room before she went on stage.

Isagenx has raised $8.9 million for Make A Wish...

And has given away 938 wishes...AMAZING!

We are so sad that Mia couldn't be there, but the next best thing is 
Madders...who knew she could have a future in comedy??


PRESS PLAY in the VIDEO above!!! 

Madison rocking the stage with a head microphone and everything!

What a great team of people who can get stuff done!
Stephie - Isagenix Make A Wish coordinator
Aubrie - Be The Match Rep for Southwest
Madison - Guest Speaker
Me - Mom-ager
Lisa- Make a Wish International

Here are our Numbers:

Be The Match - Cheek swabs 

-Corporate Office 44
Day 1 - 12
Day 2 - 153 (Madison spoke)
Day 3 - 157
= 366 people added to the bone marrow registry
to potentially save a life!

Money Raised in a weekend for Make A Wish = $100,000.

Team Work is awesome, we are blessed.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

United Blood Services - Blood Drive

Twice a year, UBS puts on a very large blood drive to raise
awareness of how important blood donations are in our state, 
as well as all over our country.
In the state of Arizona - we need 500 people to donate blood 
to keep our hospitals up to date with the blood that patients like
Mia NEED (REQUIRE) to stay alive.

We are so thankful to:
For all their hard work in keeping not only Mia alive,
but everyone else who needs a blood product to stay alive.

MOST IMPORTANTLY...we thank the people
who take the time out of their day to simply donate blood.
It truly is no big deal to some people, but...
you literally save lives when you do it.

Thank you UBS and all the people that work there for what you do.
Honestly, we could never say thank you enough. <3

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Be The Match @ Isagenix Headquarters

Mia had a fun time at the Isagneix Corporate Headquarters in Gilbert AZ
to register potential bone marrow donors to the Be The Match
registry to start the New Year off!

Mia helping explain how simple the cheek swab is
to be added to the registry to help save lives.

We were so happy to see so many smiling willing potential donors!

Mia just loves her Isagenix buddy Stephie - who is in charge
of special events like this and also a partner with 
Make a Wish - who we love dearly and have been blessed 
by a make a wish trip to Hawaii 5 years ago.

Friday, December 15, 2017

Mia's 165 - Reaction

Mia had to cut short her 165th transfusion due to her very
first reaction to a blood product. 
This has NEVER happened before...
so it was a shock and a little scary to say the least. 
She received her first unit just fine,
but as the other unit started...a little bit after that her
eyes got swollen and it looked like hives.
It started in her right eye and then moved to the left.

So sorry Mia.
We knew this could happen but didn't really expect it to.

No pics!

We were able to donate a bunch of toys to the hospital from Dad's
flag football that was awesome!

Mia you are the bravest girl in the whole wide world that
I know. You must be strong because God gives his toughest battles
to His strongest soldiers.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Isagenix - Speaking Engagement

Mia should honestly be a motivational speaker.
Her story is so touching and she inspires so many different types of 
people and groups with her life.
Mia is thrilled to be given the opportunity with a speaking
engagement in front of 5-7 thousand people at the
New Year's Isagenix conference in Phoenix in January.
CLICK HERE to read their article about Mia
and giving back.

We can't wait to raise awareness of Be The Match and Mia will
be representing as a make a wish kid as well.

Funny because Mia is one of THEE most thankful people in the world.

We love Arizona for keeping Mia alive!!

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Mia's 164th Blood Transfusion

Today is Mia’s 15 year anniversary of when we rushed her to the ER 
when she was 6 weeks old. The Tuesday before Thanksgiving she had her very
 1st blood transfusion with a hemaglobin of 2.4 - yikes! 
We are beyond THANKFUL for all the people that have donated blood
 to keep this sweet girl alive all these years. 
We have a Heart of Thankfulness for the gift of life.
Shirt by: Sweet T's

Thankful is understated.

Dr. P. - Who saved Mia's life. 
We love you and could never
say thank you enough.
15 years later...

Blessed with a surprise from big sis Alyssa and 
Lily!! These girls brought food, always a bonus!

If you could only see the scar tissue that has built up.

A huge THANK YOU to Love is in the BAG for
giving Mia a fabulous love bag filled with extra special goodies.
Blessed beyond measure and extra thankful this Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Thank You...Hearts With Hope!

Mia was blessed with a special package in the mail by:

How sweet and thoughtful of you to think of Mia.
Let me tell you, when you have a child with a life threatening illness, 
anything that brings a smile to their face makes your heart
burst with joy. It's extra special when others think of them.

Mia LOVES movies & treats!
(partly I think because she get so tired all the time with
not making any red blood cells)
So this was the perfect gift for her!
Thank you SO much Hearts With Hope for thinking of her!