Tuesday, May 8, 2018

TAYLOR SWIFT - is the BEST ever!

HOW did this happen?? 
I still cannot believe it...

 It all started with Mia's twitter - @pray4miraclemia
Someone who follows Mia's story and who is a benefactor to:

wanted to BLESS Mia and sisters with 4 tickets to
Taylor's Swift's #ReputationTour
staring out in ARIZONA of all places!
They wished to remain anonymous, and to this day...
we have no idea WHO this amazing nice person is.
(This just proves that there truly are good people in this world!)
 SO...a while ago, 
I was thinking of ANY possibility that these girls could somehow
get to a meet and greet??
Someone from the Banner Health Foundation - 
on behalf of Mia, just sent an email...
no promises or anything, just saying here's Mia's story,
it is what it is...she NEEDS s bone marrow transplant to be cured

(hence BE THE MATCH)

because with every blood transfusion - that saves her life -
more deadly iron is packed onto her organs, mainly the heart and
liver...which causes... the D word.

None of Mia's 3 sisters are a complete bone marrow 'MATCH'
for Mia...around the whole world...there was one lady who was
CLOSE, a 29 year old female in Europe...that was a 9/10
but Mia NEEDS a perfect match, a 10/10.
We know you are out there somewhere!

If you are reading this...did you know the all it takes is a simple 
'cheek swab' of your mouth to see if you 'match' Mia -
or someone else who needs a life saving transplant to survive.
AND to make it even better...it's FREE if you are between 
the ages of 18-44 yrs old - they will mail you a cheek swab
kit to your house, it really couldn't get any easier.
People just don't KNOW about it. 

The 45 minute drive to Glendale took 2 hours!

They almost didn't make it...but look how excited they are!!

Oh my gosh...here's a flash back to the 1989 tour!!

Look how little they were!

Naturally, I wrote a poem to say how THANKFUL I am 
to everyone who made this possible!!!
I can't explain how making MEMORIES means so much to me.
Maybe it's because I am too aware of how fleeting life
can be...every moment is special and that time spent together
should be cherished!!

Thank You - Taylor’s Team

It’s hard to find the right words that truly convey,
My thankfulness to you for a very special day.
I’m not exactly sure how it all was arranged,
All the emails and phone numbers that must have been exchanged.
To give my 4 girls an unforgettable night,
When people take time to help others the world is alright.
What a surprise to meet and greet THEE Taylor Swift,
You’ve given my girls an exceptional gift.
The memories they made at the #repTourGlendale show
Means more to my family than you will ever know.
It’s hard to watch your daughter struggle through this life,
Mia handles it with grace despite all the strife.
She truly has ‘bad blood’ who needs a cure you see…
That’s why I wanted to reach out and say thank you to Tree.
For making the meet and greet possible…and to Nikki in Nashville, 
You gave an experience to my girls who are completely thrilled!
They had the time of their lives singing and dancing at the show,
They still can’t get over it…you should see them glow.
A bone marrow transplant is what Mia needs to be cured, 
Until then she relies on blood donors - what a life she’s endured. 
Taylor Swift is more than a singer who rocks the stage,
She makes life easier to the masses, people of any age.
They will forever remember the night of May 8th,
It’ll remind them that all things are possible, just keep the faith.
Thank you, thank you, thank you…I could just cry.
It proves you can do anything if you just try.
Thank you to Taylor Swift for being so incredibly sweet,
Especially to my girls at the Glendale meet and greet!

Friday, March 9, 2018

Mia's 169th Blood Transfusion

Ever since Mia's first reaction to a blood product last
December, they pre-medicate her with a lot of
Benedryl ... which within 5 minutes makes 
her sleep during most of her infusion.

Sweet girl!

She woke up just in time to play HQ Trivia!

Looking good Mia, not you will be 
ready for Spring Break!
Thank you to the selfless people who donate blood
to keep Mia and others who need life saving transfusions
alive, we appreciate you so much!

Friday, February 16, 2018

Mia Meets Her Blood Donors!

Mia and Mom were invited to the 
75th Anniversary United Blood Services Luncheon
for all the Blood Drive Coordinators on February 16th 2018
as guest speakers. Little sis Maddie and Dad went as well.

We shared our story...
me as a mom of Mia's diagnosis
(She wouldn't remember because she was so little)
and Mia shared how she lives with DBA.

Mia is WAY better at public speaking than me!

Mia is a natural...

I wrote a poem to blood donors...
after all, numerous people combined have helped sustain
Mia's life for 15 years.
I can't believe I was able to read it without crying.
To GOD be the glory.

Ode to Blood Donors

There are some very special heroes in this world, and they don’t even realize the impact they’ve made.
People of all kinds, taking the time, to not let other lives fade.
To you it might seem simple, easy, no big deal at all.
To me, it’s saving my daughter’s life, so that I’ll never watch her fall.
High schoolers, teachers, church goers, even complete strangers…
Help keep all patients alive who need blood and be kept out of danger.
When you donate blood, you are giving an extra minute, hour, and day,
it lets me relish the moments of watching my little girl learn, thrive, & play.
The memories mean the most, another birthday, a warm day at the beach, 
Without an army of blood donors, these memories wouldn’t be in reach.
From your arm you freely give her medicine, 
which is the precious gift of life,
It truly is the only thing keeping Mia around, free from any strife.
What would I do without you blood donors, strangers that I don’t know?
Without your loving kindness, I couldn’t watch her grow.
You’re more than a hero you see, blood donor, you’re a real true life saver.
There’s nothing more I could ask of you, ok maybe just one small little favor.
Tell everyone you know how simple and easy saving a life can surely be,
To get the word out about donating blood is my one loudest & dearest plea.
A life without blood donors would be devastating in the most worse possible way,
I’m hopeful that with all your help, I will never have to experience that day.
Saying ‘thank you’ just isn’t enough for me to truly analyze and express,
How grateful I am for your gift of life, I know I am truly blessed.
I am indebted to you for the rest of my life and it’s sad I can’t repay, 
Just know you are thought of dearly & are thanked each night when I pray.
I’ve heard all the classic excuses in the world on why someone can’t come and donate,
What if your child or loved one needed blood and the outcome determined their fate?

‘I don’t like needles,’ is a phrase we commonly all to often hear…
‘suck it up’ Mia says ‘or my life will disappear.’

I simply can’t go to the store or pharmacy and pick up what she needs,
Unless you share your life by giving your arm and freely let it bleed.
It’s not just blood to me you see, it’s a way of sustaining a soul.
Without your generous donation my heart would not be whole.
Blood donors you are my hero even though you do not wear a cape,
I’m so thankful for each and everyone of you, every color, size, and shape. 
Lets not forget about the coordinators who host the actual drive,
You’re ensuring patients like Mia live and stay alive.
Without your dedication and hard work, humanity wouldn’t be the same,
If I could, I would reach out to all of you and thank you each by name. 
Together we can raise awareness of how important donations remain,
Just think of all the lives saved, and how much these patients have to gain.
Living life, another breath, blood donors, that’s what you voluntarily give…
Thank you from the bottom of my heart so that my daughter continues to live.
If you’re ready to take the next step to help save a life don’t hesitate or be nervous,
Instead just pick up the phone and call the great United Blood Service.  (877-ubs-hero)

This was definitely the 'SUCK IT UP' part...

If you are afraid of needles...honestly ask yourself,
who likes them?
Do you think Mia likes them??
Get over yourself.
You can help save someones LIFE by a simple little...poke.
That is the most unbelievable excuse I've ever heard.

I love you Mia...I would do anything for you to help
keep you alive.

Little sis Madison joined us on stage with a box of
life savers...to hand out

So Mia...all those time I went to medical records...we have a 
surprise for you.

You get to actually MEET some people who saved your life...
shared their life with ou so that you can live.

Oh Heyyyyyy blood donors who saved my life...

Oh well mom lost it...I mean how can you not cry and hug the
people who saved your daughters life??



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about Mia meeting her blood donors.

World, meet some of Mia's Blood Donors that have kept her alive
for over 15 years!