Friday, April 7, 2017

Banner Children's Golf Tournament - Mia The Emcee

Mia was asked to help be the Junior Emcee along side of 
Mathew Blades from the benefit the Banner Children's
Hopsital School Program...where no kids are left behind!
It was a great day, no too hot, up in Scottsdale at the JW Mariott
Wildfire Golf Club.

Mia and her school hospital teacher, Miss Virginia <3

Mia actually drove around the golf course and thanked 
everyone for participating and donating to such a great cause!

She's actually a really good driver!

We had fun together :) 

GO Mia...

We caught up with Tyson Nash from the AZ Coyotes...
he would like to have a Be The Match Drive at the 
Coyotes to help get more cheek swabs into the registry.

Mia is a star everywhere she goes!!

We need to find these photos!

It really was a great event.

We love the JW Marriott!!

Mia and Mathew Blades doing their thing!

Working the crowd for sure...

All the teams played great!

It was hard to miss these guys out on the course...
you could see them a mile away!!

Mia got to meet Randall McDaniel NFL hall of fame football
player turned teacher...SO cool. What a very nice guy!
Thank you to Banner Children's for allowing us to help with
fundraising efforts at the hospital we've been at for over 14 years.
We love you so much for keeping Mia alive all these years!!
VERY THANKFUL for all that you do!

Friday, March 31, 2017

Be The Match - Be The Guy @ GCU

We were invited by Be The Match to attend the 
College 3 point shoot out & slam dunk contest
at GCU University ... we had so much fun!

Mia Representing Be the Match!!

It was very neat to see all the Be The Match signs everywhere
around the cool!

Be the Match everywhere! 

Mia and Dad had so much fun watching the dunks ...ok and 
 taking a quick selfie for snapchat! Haha, what a fun memory.

If you would like to see if you qualify to potentially save a life,

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Sophie's Place - Grand Opening

Mia has grown up with the Music Therapy Program 
in the hospital since she was very little.
She would request they come so she could play music
and have fun while escaping what was going on
during hospital days.

Mia and Layla jamming out...

Taking turns playing the guitar.

Drums are fun too!

The guitar got more popular thanks to 
Taylor Swift!

Mia was invited to speak a little bit about her journey
here at Cardon Children's Medical Center in the
Forever Young Zone with Steve & Barb Young.
(You might recognize him as the former QB for the 49ers)
She spoke about creating Mia's Marrow -
and her experience with music therapy.

This video is from our Instagram story...

Thanks Steve Young for helping with Sophie's Place  and 
for being so nice to Mia!

So fun!

If you haven't heard of Sophie's need to 
CLICK HERE and read about WHY it was created.
The Barton Family is absolutely amazing and breathtaking...
I truly have no words to describe their amazing work
and what they do to keep Sophie's legacy going while
helping others. No words.
Be sure to watch this video:

and read the story of this amazing family.

Sophie passed away suddenly and was a beautiful singer who sang
to children in the hospital. Sophie's brother and sister
keep her legacy going by opening Music Therapy rooms in hospitals
and Cardon Children's is the 3rd music room that has opened.

It is absolutely amazing and beyond what you can even imagine!

This is the recording studio!!

Mia jamming out...


Mia got to meet David O'Leary who was on the 
Amazing Race with his son, whom both
are cancer survivors. and won the all stars race in 2014!
So awesome...he said that meeting Mia
was more amazing than wining the race.
So sweet!

You can see a picture of Sophie behind Mia...
she still is there helping patients have a better treatment
in hospitals. Thank you so much to eh Barton Family who is amazing
for everything that you do for patients like Mia.
We are blessed because of you.
Mia was honored to be a part of this...
after it was over Mia said:
'I wish I could have met Sophie.' 

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Crossroads Nazerene Youth Group

Mia had the chance to speak to the youth group about 
the importance of donating blood during one of their 
gatherings at their Church. 
These students are having a contest to come up 
with some kind of campaign to raise awareness of the 
importance of donating blood.

Mia hopes to be a judge and help pick out who wins
this creative contest. It can be art work, a play, a video..
photo or anything. How fun!
One of the prizes is one of Mia's #DonateBlood shirts
that she designed. SO Cool!

Thank you to Barbara the blood drive coordinator
at the church for reaching out to see if Mia could speak...
she clearly loved it, I thought she would never
give up the microphone!
And of course a special thanks to Sharon our 
United Blood Services Representative for 
always being there with us, and for us!

Friday, March 17, 2017

Paperclouds Be The Match Fundraiser

By popular demand, Mia's 'Donate Blood' 
shirt is well as a new one called:
Never Stop Giving

It's a fundraiser put on by:
PLEASE check it out!

You can pick the color and style of your 
apparel and 50% of the proceeds will
go to Be The Match!!

This 'Donate Blood' shirt is a favorite because
as of tomorrow, Mia will receive her 153rd 
transfusion to simply stay alive. 
Needless to say, donating blood means so 
much to our family. 
Again, you can pick the color of your shirt and
they style...tank top for the gym, long sleeve,
short sleeve etc. 

Never Stop Giving was inspired and meant by:
Never Stop Giving of your time, your blood, your bone marrow
& if you can't do any of those you can donate money
to (any!) awesome charity, we picked Be The Match. 

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Mia's #153 Transfusion

Spent the morning sleeping, now it's time for movies and popcorn.
Starting spring break off right...oh yeah!

Finally feeling better thanks to this gift of life.
Mia can live for the next 3 weeks.

Loving our blanket hugs blanket!

Oh a nice surprise visit from little sis...wait, who is the patient
anyways?!!?! Haha...

An awesome reminder to DONATE BLOOD if you are able too!
Mia drew this shirt as a fundraiser, and it's back by popular demand.
So make sure you order only have a few days left!

Monday, February 27, 2017

Mia's 152 Blood Transfusion

Mia was 'poked' the next day for a type and cross after the
visit to Tucson and speaking to the bone marrow doctor.
Lot's of doctor appointments are involved with getting Mia's
care managed. Thank GOODNESS for health care and kind 
nurses and doctors who love what they do.

Mia's #152 before mom and dads 20th Anniversary trip to Cancun.
When dad takes Mia, they take naps and eat lots of food!