Friday, August 11, 2017

Mia at the D'Backs -1st Pitch

Mia and her BFF Clare ready to go at the D'Backs Game!
The Mix 96.9 gave us all shirts to wear, SO awesome of them.

Ready to go on the field girls?

They really had so much fun!

Mia & Clare

Welcome to 90's night!

One of the cool parts was that Mia got to meet Sugar Ray
aka Mark McGrath since he's doing a 90's concert after the game.

Pics pics pics!

Too cute...

Literally just hanging out on the baseball field.

Thanks to friends who took these for us!

Waving to the sweet lady who put the words on the back of our
shirts for free! Mia said she'd wave to her, so sweet.

Go Mia!

I'm sure Matt always thought he'd be the one to be pitching 
out there in the field...but no, it's Mia!

After, Mia had the catcher sign the ball and Mark McGrath!

Ok, mom...seriously...what are you saying??

Haha, so fun!

Nice to meet you Mark, you rocked the concert, loved it!

Elevator selfie!

Mia and Clare = ice cream

IF you haven't visited Mia's link for Be The Match -
You can CLICK HERE - Match4Mia 

One day she will find her MATCH!

After the D'Backs sadly lost to the Cubs, we went outside
to the Pepsi VIP area for the 90's concert.

We had SO much fun!!! 
Mom and Dad might have had a little too much fun while feeling
old. Haha! Thank you so much to everyone who made this so awesome for us!
ESPECIALLY the Mathew Blades Show!!

BE SURE to watch this VIDEO of Mia's interview on the radio
and Mia throwing out the 1st pitch!! SO MUCH FUN!

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Mathew Blades Radio Interview

Mia was asked to do something so fun by the 

We know Mathew from a previous radio interview for
Banner Cardon Children's golf fundraiser tournament
for the school in the hospital.

Mathew and Priscilla are so sweet and they are helping get
the word out about 'Mia's Marrow' and how easy it is
to do a simple cheek swab to potentially save a life.

They asked Mia if she could stand in for them at the D'Backs 
Game and throw out the 1st pitch - for 90's night!
Ummmmm heck ya!

Thank you Mix 96.9 and #iheartmedia

Mia sure loves coming down to the radio station, it's so much fun!

****To hear Mia on the Radio - CLICK HERE

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

John Mayer

Some very special people at the hospital pulled some strings
and got our family 4 tickets to the John Mayer concert!
Mia and Alyssa were so excited (ok Dad too!)
That a GREAT memory together as a family!

We had awesome suite tickets with a great view...!

Thank you SO SO much, you know who you are!

Friday, July 21, 2017

Mia's 159th Blood Transfusion

I cannot wait until someone finds a cure to DBA.
Until then, Mia will rely on the kindness of strangers to keep her alive.

Thanks Dad for driving Mia to the hospital!!

Sweet girl, feeling better already!

Oh gosh...Mia picked up her schedule for High School!!
Wait, what??!!!

Thank you to God for getting her this far in life, and of course
to all the blood donors who have helped as well.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

In Memory Of: Chester Bennington - Linkin Park

We are SO sorry to hear about the death of Chester Bennington. 
Our hearts break for his family and children left behind.
Mia and little sis Maddie got to spend time with him at
a fundraiser for Cardon Children's Medical Center...he was
very involved with helping kids in the hospital and the music 
therapy program, also Stars of the Season.
You are gone to soon...and your kindness won't be forgotten.

Chester played with the Stone Temple Pilots and we got to meet them.
SO fun...what a great group of musicians. 

Mia was able to be in a 'thank you' music video to Linkin Park
for all their help and donations to the children's hospital.
We are so thankful for people like Linkin Park to HELP
others when they cannot repay you back.

You will be missed...prayers for your family.

Iridescent filmed at: Cardon Children's Medical Center

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Living Life - Summer 2017

When you donate give people memories with their
loved ones that will last a life time.

Such as: Paddle Boarding in Newport's the Back Bay...

SO fun!

July 4th on the beach with friends...

Watching fireworks off the Huntington Beach Pier.

Putting your feet in the Laguna Beach sand...

Sitting like a Mermaid on the rocky shores...

Looking like an Island Princess...

Watching sunsets with family...

Spending quiet time at the Ocean's Edge...

Looking for sand dollars in the sea...

Breathing in fresh air...

Living Life...!