Sunday, May 1, 2016

Camp Soaring Eagle - A Weekend Away

Mia was blessed with a trip up north near Sedona to go to camp...
not just any camp, the best camp: Camp Soaring Eagle  the hematology/oncology
camp where children with life threatening illnesses can attend 
because it is medically supervised. A parent's dream with a
child with a life threatening illness. 

Mia with some other campers ready to have a great time!

On the bus and ready to go. Bye mom, you can leave now.

Learning new things...

Mia looking like Merida from the movie Brave.
She is brave.

Good job girls...bullseye!

Having fun.

It wouldn't be a camp without s'mores and a fire pit!

Looks like loads of fun.

Thank you Camp Soaring Eagle for making this possible 
for kids like Mia.

Woah...they had a special guest come to visit the kids.

That's a memory she will never forget. We are so blessed
to have such special people in our lives who want to help
our kids live LIFE. Thank you so much.


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