Monday, May 2, 2016

Mia's School Blood Drive

We just wanted to say thank you so much to all the people who
came to donate blood at Mia's school blood drive in the blood bus.
There were so many teachers and parents wanting to help out.
Many of you showed up but couldn't donate due to recent travels,
the zika virus, and other complications that prevented a donation.
But you STILL showed up and would have if you could have. 
That means so much. 

(A side note: it's surprising the people who you think will come to support you
 trying to save your child's life & others who need help, and don't...and then total strangers 
show up who are so willing to literally share their life and support you, even if they
can't donate blood...or they tried to donate but are unable to.
 It's very interesting the people who actually show up.
 Any other parent of a child with a life threatening
illness will tell you the same thing - that you are surprised by the people
who show up and want to support you, even if it's just for a hug, and you're
 probably even more surprised at the people that don't show up or offer any support,
even though you've been fighting for your child's life for 13 years.
It's just...interesting. Anyways...
I'm very thankful for the people who are SELFLESS and support sharing of their lives
with people who otherwise would not be here on this earth. Thank you.)

We gave each blood donor a 'Mia shirt'...for taking the time to donate. 
They are super cute...we hope to make some more!


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