Friday, May 13, 2016

Mia's #141 Blood Transfusion

Sweet Mia has had a fever for over a week.
We are pretty sure it's just a virus...
but when she gets a fever it hits her hard.
Hopefully this blood transfusion will help her to 
feel better as well. She's definitely not herself. 

Pale and tired even after getting her blood.

Watch the video we made to help inspire people to donate blood...
It's hard to watch Mia struggle, and the reality is that she would
 not be alive without people taking the time to donate blood.
So thank you blood donors.

Happy Nurses Week to these lovely nurses!!
They have taken care of Mia for the past 13 them so much!

Alyssa, you are the sweetest big sister ever...
I treasure things like this. Thank you for your caring heart.


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