Sunday, January 8, 2017

Redemption Tempe / Be the Match

Mia was able to briefly share her story in front
of Redemption Church Tempe this morning...about
the need for a bone marrow transplant to cure her.

Chris Bean, a Be The Match advocate, and Veronica, who went
on to donate bone marrow stood with her and shared their passion
for saving lives as well.

Way to go Mia!

Mia is a pro at sharing her story and asking strangers
to either donate their blood or bone marrow...
and people happily accept.

Listen to Mia...

After the 9AM church service, we had 91 people sign up!!
We couldn't believe it, praise the Lord!
It was packed...and we were happy to do it!

Way to go Mia...helping out.

People filling out paper work and cheek swabbin!

After the 11am service we had more people sign up...
the total: 188 new people registered to the bone marrow registry!
Ahhhhhhhh yeah!

Nice Job guys!!
Thank you to all these awesome volunteers helping to
save lives...we hope people find their match.


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