Friday, August 5, 2016

Mia's 144th Blood Transfusion

Wednesday, Aug. 3rd
 at Mia's doctor appointment to check her blood counts.
It always takes a's at least a 2 hour appointment especially
if we go to POTC to type and cross.
Thank goodness for snapchat to keep us busy!

Mom loves you Mia <3
God loves you even more!!
Her hemoglobin came back at 8.7 (yikes, so low!)

We went straight to POTC to get a type and cross...where
they match her blood type to the type that she receives when she gets
her monthly blood transfusion.
Mia is A+ so she can receive any of these blood types:


UGhhh, the poor girl was beyond exhausted. 
So pale, tired, and slept all morning.

Sweet girl.

Finally feeling better thanks to whoever donated their
blood to her. We are so grateful for you!

Alive, first because God saved her from dying when she was little,
and second because people share their life with her when they
donate blood. (Just like how Jesus did for us!)

In honor of the Olympics...our awesome nurses busted out some
gymnastics moves for all the patients.
Of course they win the GOLD...always.


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