Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Transfusion #145

August 31st, 2016 - Mia's #145 transfusion to stay alive.
A little Dutch Brother's always brings a smile.

Mia was so exhausted that she slept for about 2 hours.
She doesn't like the fact that someone woke up one day
and decided that she needs to try and space out her transfusions
to every 4 weeks instead of every 3 weeks. 
She feels as if they are trying to treat the 'disease' and not the
person. She's learning that she has to stick up for herself 
and advocate on behalf of herself.
Mia's quality of life goes down drastically when she doesn't
get her transfusions.
I mean, you can imagine right??
If you don't have any blood in your die.
Plain and simple.

Despite a tasty DB coffee, not a whole lot of smiles today.
Kind of...not in the mood for all this.
I get it, we all have those days, and God gives
us lots of emotions to feel.

At least Mia feels better blood wise. Thank you blood donors 
for your generous gift of life!


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