Friday, July 22, 2016

Shawn Mendes

Mia had NO idea where I was taking her...on a secret special surprise
to down town Phoenix. We drove by Comerica Theatre...and there were tons
of people walking around. She had NO clue I was taking her to see...
Shawn Mendes live in concert! Ahhhh!!!!

Thank you SO much Eric for letting me take Mia to this 
very special surprise VIP experience to see Shawn Mendes!! 

VIP Tickets sitting in the suite...yes please!

Super nice lounge area at Comerica Theatre.

The view from the balcany...

What do you think Mia?!

What a special memory...even if it was with boring old mom, I got to see
Mia scream and sing as loud as she could. Living life
We had the best time ever!!


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