Thursday, July 14, 2016

Tucson Trip - BMT

We were referred to speak with a bone marrow transplant
specialist down in see if that really would be an
option for Mia. We haven't really looked into it a whole lot
because none of Mia's sisters are a complete 'match' for the best
survival rates possible. never hurts to ask questions.

Mia's little Sis Maddie went with her for's 
always fun to have a sister around.

Typical Mia.

Ok let's do this...we met Dr. K who is awesome! We had a great conversation about
the possibility of Mia being cured with a bone marrow match
Please see: Be The Match for more information. 
(If YOU are reading this, you could potentially save a life.)
Click Here to see how by a simple cheek swab.

We never knew Diamond Children's Hospital was down in Tucson.
We hope they can help us cure Mia of Diamond Blackfan Anemia,
God willing.

It happened to be National Hot Dog day...thanks dad for lunch!


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