Friday, July 8, 2016

Mia's 143rd Blood Transfusion

Mia getting ready for her 143rd, type and cross to match
the blood she will receive. Her Hgb is 9.2 - she's feeling crummy.
She could not muster up enough energy to go see a movie
with her sad.

Pokes...pokes...and pokes...
Who likes needles?? Anyone??

She was beyond tired...she slept most of the morning which
she never does. She was exhausted.

You will will feel better soon Mia!

Shawn Mendes always helps...

Thanks Shawn Mendes for making Mia feel better!

Look what happens when you receive a little blood...
you feel alive again.

We tweeted this photo to 12News...and they put it out on all
their socail media sites...encouraging people to donate blood.
Thanks 12news...!

More sleeping time in the afternoon.

Dad is a hero, he took Mia to see the movie she missed out on because
she wasn't well enough to go.

These lovely ladies went and donated blood when they
saw Mia's photo on 12 news...
We could never say thank you enough!
Real #LifeSavers

This warms my heart!!

Thank you for this generous gift of life!


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