Friday, August 14, 2015

Mia's 129 Blood Transfusion

Mia was so tired after getting her IV going that she slept for an hour. She usually doesn't. My prayer was that she would feel more alive when she woke up. 

Mia felt much better and she had a great visit from the Music Therapists who had some exciting news about Sophie's Place, a Music Therapy Room in the hospital they are planning to build soon.

They wanted to know what patients would like to see in the room and how it should feel. Mia said that she would love it to be like a hangout kind of like a coffee shop. How fun! 

We had lots of visitors...our sweet friend Jenn who stayed for lunch. 

Our neighbor Ken brought Grandma ...

And Donald brought his new baby girl Marlee to visit with Mia. Too cute!! 

Baby Marlee brought lots smiles...we love her so much!! Thank you to all who donate blood so that Mia could receive all these blessings from friends and family. 


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