Saturday, August 8, 2015

Kindness From Lebanon

I came across someone posting a photo of this awesome bracelet on Instagram a few month ago.  I've never seen anything like it that has a blood type on it and thought it was so neat. I left a comment and ended up emailing Yorgui, the Founder and President of Donner Sang Compter - in Lebanon!!! He hosts MANY blood drives and links blood donors to patients in need everyday. For some reason this bracelet just touched my's a simple reminder of those that need blood to survive, like Mia.

The kindness of strangers always makes us feel the love. Yesterday, we got a package in the mail, from: Lebanon! Inside were 4 of the blood type bracelets... A+ which is Mia's blood type. One bracelet for each of my daughters. Seriously, what a blessing. I am so thankful to you Yorgui, kindness from across the world. Thank you so much for all you do to get patients the blood they need to survive!! We hope we are doing the same thing by sharing Mia's story with others.

What a great reminder to #DonateBlood for those who need it survive. No matter what your blood type is, Sharing your life with someone means more to that persons family than you will ever know. Speaking from experience.

Mia also received this very sweet and cozy blanket from another Instagram friend: @faithlikefee    She is quite the warrior herself...and for her to take the time to hand make Mia something melts our hearts. She sent us a note: Dear Warrior, No Matter what your battle is please remember this...Strong is the new Beautiful! We love you Fee <3  Thank you so much! Hugs and prayers to you! Click Here to see the gorgeous photos she takes!


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