Thursday, March 2, 2023

Day -7 Transplant

First of all, it snowed in Tucson in March. What?? It sure makes us feel like we are in a different state altogether, but we are really just and hour and a half from home. This was mom leaving from the Ronald McDonald House in Tucson

In honor of Mia receiving Rabbit ATG, we tried to surprise Dr. Katsanis by saying Mia grew rabbit ears over night, haha. It's the little things we do to make a smiles and laughs. My hgb today is 9.0. 

Here we go,  had my second day of (rabbit) ATG  over 4 hours. I did 11 laps around the unit, my hgb 

Thank you so much to Erika Lassiter (Kwincy's Mom) who gifted me $100 in Grub Hub ... she said I'd get a little tired of hospital food. I did. So buy dinner of choice for today is Chipotle. Yum.

The 2 hour Thiotepa (which is so toxic I have to shower every 6 hours for the next 48 hours) got started ... 6-8pm ish. This did not make me feel good. I felt nauseas right away, and felt like I had the flu, so I had some ativan which helped my symptoms right away. It helped watching Netflix (outer banks) for a little bit, and I tried to watch my cousin play basketball WSU vs. UW but sling kept kicking us out. So annoying Sling, do better! I fell asleep for an hour before I had to have a shower to clean my skin from he chemo ... and I felt really sick. TMI - I threw up. It was not fun. But after my shower I slept for a good 5 hours ... until my next shower at 5am. Oh man, this is tough. But so am I. 

Just over here pulling off major Eleven Vibes from stranger things. She a tough girl, I can be too.

Please keep praying for me, and if I can pray for YOU, I will.  Doug & Stef, I'm praying for Keegan's wedding, it will be awesome! 


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