Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Day + 6 Off Day

Day + 6 … In Mia’s words, it was an off day. She just felt kind of weird, and I think there was just a lot going on. She got more platelets (her 3rd bag so far) and her first infusion of IVIG.  (She has had IVIG before when she was 2 years old)   She also had to de-access and re-access her port, and change all the tubing. It was just a busy day. Mia’s counts are bottoming out … WBC 0.1 ANC 0 hgb 10.5 plts 8 … I noticed when she talked that there was 2 dark spots on her tounge, that turned black. It looks like a bruise which is totally normal when you have low platelets. It's been difficult for Mia to eat, nothing sounds good, so they put her on a calorie count. Every bite matters. 

Getting platelets has been interesting, she is so used to getting red blood cells only. This is her 3rd bag of platelets so far and probably has more to go.

Rest up sweet Mia, so your body can start making it's own cells, thanks to your brave sister Maddy. Also shout out to Hannah for helping Mia ALL day long, haha. It was definitely a busy full day of all the things.


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