Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Day + 13 Relief

After a night of not sleeping the greatest, and just a crummy few days of no counts, Mia got relief in the form of platelets, a blood transfusion, and a visit from her cousin Jabe & Nurse Rachel (On her day off!) All she can do is sleep, her sleep schedule is a bit off ... so she has been sleeping better during the day.

Rest up sweet Mia, so your body can use all your energy to make ALL the cells.

Mia had a VERY special surprise, dad secretly drove down Mia's cousin Jabe, as he was visiting nearby in the Scottsdale area. Ahhhh, what a special time, she absolutely loves her cousin so much. 

Click here / Jabe Visits Mia ... to see the cutest Tik Tok video of her surprise!

During this time, Mia recieved Platelets & a Blood transfusion. Her platelets were at 10 and hgb at 7.8. Still hoping & praying to see some cells appear very soon.

Sweet nurse Rachel came in on her day off to visit <3 God really knows the people to put in your path. We both just can't say that enough.

Dad and Jabe helped & motivated Mia to get 1 (small) lap in around the unit ... let's go!

If you wondering why Jabe is so tall, it's because he is. Mia is beyond proud of her cousin who plays basketball for the Washington State University (WSU) #GoCougs  He is number 3 <3
Can you believe Jabe and Mia were born in the same year and only 7 months apart? Haha. He got Granpdpa Dennis' tall genes (Mia did not lol.) 

Family is SO important, and visits like this refreshes the soul.

Dad was also there to lend a helping hand. Go dad!

Thank you Jabe for taking the time to visit, we love you so much!

One of the night nurses, sweet Julie, got these amazing Bundt Cakes for Mia's transplant day party, which Madison absolutley loved. So a special delivery is headed your way Maddy!

Sorry, Jabe and I ate one, haha! They are so yummy :)

Having no counts makes you beyond exhausted. So we did all the going to bed things, like brush teeth in the bed becasue she can't stand for that long. Ugh, this will pass Mia, just keep on hanging on, hour by hour, minute by minute. 


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