Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Day - 2 Transplant

I had some benedryl as I went to sleep last night and slept great. I woke up just as they were starting the fludarabine chemo at 8am this morning, I tried some zofran today as a premed,  I'm just really tired. My hgb is 7.9 … since I have to go do TBI tomorrow they are giving me 1 unit of blood today. I feel pretty crummy so I know that will help me just get through the next few days and protocols. I just did 1 short lap and it completely tired me out. I slept on and off all morning. 

I am so thankful the fludarabine will be done ... I know days +3 & 4I'll be getting a different chemo to kill the T-cells ... so until then, chemo.

I did feel better after getting a blood transfusion. It helped me to finish some of my finals online, haha and do a few more laps. I'm trying my best to move as much as I can, it's just really hard and tiring. I'm trying to rest up for TBI tomorrow. I'm excited to see my dad and my sister.

PLEASE PRAY for my donor, my little sister Maddy. She is so brave and I so appreciate her doing this for me. I love you Maddy, my little baby.


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