Friday, March 17, 2023

Day + 8 Tired

Mornings are definitely slow around here. But I gotta get up and do my morning meds and mouth washes.

When you feel like you have no blood counts ... all you wanna do is sleep. Especially when they pre-med you with benedryl before you get more platelets (that's 5 now.)  I don't know what I would do without people taking the time to donate these platelets, I absolutely need them. My platelets were so low I had 2 blisters that bled on ym tounge but they are better now.

Sleeping the time away.

You guessed it, still sleeping.

For anyone into blood counts, you can see I have none. Hopefully soon I will be making (Maddy's) my own. That will be the DAY! C'mon little buddies, let's get to making theem.

SO I am starting to lose my hair. I was beginning to think it loved me so much and wanted to stay on my head, but it's slowly coming out now. 



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