Monday, March 13, 2023

Day + 4 Last Chemo

Last day of Chemo ... finally yay! Looking at this photo, I am getting platelets on the left (they look yellowish), lots of fluids (in the middle) to flush the chemo out, and Cyclophosphamide (on the right) ... chemo which makes me so nauseas. Yuck.

I had a first today - I recieved my first ever platelet infusion. Thank you to whomever donated this to help me through this transplant. My counts are so low.

I have to have anti nausea meds ... I got a patch behind my ear, Zofran and Ativan. Basically all the things to help me feel better. I sleep a lot which is good.

Sleepong away through the yucky parts.

Sanpchat mems ...

Thank you to everyone who is praying for me through this journey to healing. I so appreciate you taking the time to life me up. I need prayers specificalluy to help my new cells engraft, grow, and mulitply. 



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