Monday, March 6, 2023

Day -3 Transplant

More of the same, woke up after sleeping a lot last night, yay!! This time I started Ativan with my (Flu) chemo … so once that kicked in, I knew I wouldn’t feel so nauseous. I ate some buttered toast and then did my mouth washes … and tried to do a lap.

Oh man, that was exhausting. I had to sit down 3 times on the way, thank goodness for the nurses rolling chairs along the way. During covid they put up double doors to block off a part of the hall, but this morning they took those doors down, yay! It has a window with a great view of the mountains. 

Did I mention I have online finals this week?? And I'm getting a bone marrow transplant?? haha, yep. It's hard to concentrate when you are so tired and feel nauseas. But I'm doing it. 

I had a moment of … happy tears. I'm just so grateful to be able to do this ...I've prayed for so long, and it's actually happening, all in God's timing. I though about little Mia, and how far I've come since then.

If little Mia could see me now getting my chance to be cured, she would be cheering me on! Thanks to God and Maddy for making this possible for me, along with time and technology. It's pretty sureal to be here right now. It's getting so close. 


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