Thursday, March 23, 2023

Day + 14 Mehhhhh

Shout out to one of Mia's night nurses, Carla, for staying late (but early, haha 8:00 am) to get all the night things done and redo some labs. Her hgb came back at a very weird number the lab said, so we definietly had to redo it. 

Mia is just SO tired. Like beyond tired, what is a good word to describe it?  Very fatigued.  Lethargic. Just can't do anything. Blah. So after redoing the labs, platelets came back at 10, and hgb 7.4 so another bag of platelets is going now (12:30 pm) and soon to follow will be another blood transfusion.  

Mia just finished the platelet infusion, with her stuffy Lancaster that Miss Christine 
(her nurse of 20 years) gave to her many years ago. 

Now Mia has a unit of blood up and running, finishing around 4:00 pm. She feels much better and has color back in her face again. It's been a day. Not being home with her dogs and sleeping in her own bed is catching up to her. It's ok to be sad. There is a lot going on right now. Inside and out. It's to be expected. 

Mia was so overcome by the sweetest video her sister Alyssa made for her. We can't watch it without crying. Click here to watch Alyssa's video. That was really emotional, but we love it Alyssa. We just hope to see you soon! 

Thank you to everyone for continuing to pray Mia through this life transformation journey. Mia keeps saying 'it's all in God's timing.'


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