Saturday, March 25, 2023

Day + 16 Walking With Adrian


Low platelet bloody noses are not fun. When you are low on platelets it's hard to stop the bleeding. Platelets clot your blood, so when you don't have any, a cut or scrape just keeps on bleeding.

Eventually the bleeding stopped but it took a while. Makes you realize just how important platelets are and you need them just as much as donated blood.

I went for a walk around the halls with my next door buddy Adrian. He is so brave and is fighting Leukemia. #AdrianStrong 

What are the chances that both of our families live in Chandler?? haha!

I have to shower everyday and the nurses come in and change the sheets and wipe down the bed ... every ... single ... day. So fresh, so clean!

Thank you Jordan & Rachel for taking care of me today, and Kylie is the night nurse just coming for the late night shift. What would I do without all them taking care of me?!?!? 

Nurse Cooper has also been a big help in taking care of me during my time here. Everyone is beyond nice, helpful, and kind. Way to go Diamond Children's!


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