Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Day + 5 A Slow Day

Today (Day +5) was a good day ... no more chemo, yay! I am so thakful that all of that is over with. I've been here 2 weeks already and it has gone by SO fast. I cannot believe it. 

The tiredness comes in waves, one minute I'm up walking around, the next I'm sleeping because walking tires me out. Even showering, I get so tired.

One of the only things that even sounds good to eat is Jack n The Box tacos, haha! I haven’t eaten in almost 2 days, the doctors were like you better eat (lol) or else ... so I did. Besides today is taco Tuesday! 

This is a nice little sheet the nurses have going for me to easily see my blood counts from when I got here to now.  Super interesting. I literally have bottomed out almost, except for my hemoglobin is still ok. I've had 2 platelet infusions so far which is so crazy to think of because I've only ever recieved red blood cells my whole life, up until now. C,mon cells, grow. GO cells GO! We are waiting for you to GrOw! 


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