Monday, March 20, 2023

Day + 11 Soon It'll Get Better


Today has been rough. I don’t ever remember seeing Mia feel this horrible (totally to be expected during these circumstances) or look so weak, fragile, & pale. Like death. It was scary for me as a mom to watch her struggle just to get out of bed, it took every ounce of energy she could even muster up, to just stand up and take a few steps to the bathroom. She couldn’t even stand to brush her teeth. Heart wrenching for sure. Her hgb was 8.2 this morning.

Nurse Rachel was Mia's nurse today and she was able to show Mia a bunch of videos from the Taylor Swift concert on opening night, so fun! That definitely brought out a few smiles.

Anothet bag of platlets today. Gosh we will have to raise awareness so that people can donate platelets (if they haven't already) as well, it's so important. She mustered up some enrgy just to take this photo. 

She was feeling so bad, could barey make it to the bathroom and back, she needs help doing the simplest of things like brushing teeth. Her heart rate was high by the end of the day, so they decided to give her 1 unit of blood.

By the time she was pre-meded with benedryl and all the things, the blood (O+) was started at about 10:00 pm at night. That's nice because she just went to sleep during that.

It (bone marrow transplant) is definitely hard to watch as a parent, there is literally nothing I can do, except try and help in smaller ways by being the hands and feet of Jesus. We know you all are praying for this sweet girl. We can still feel you lifting us up, especially with all your encouraging comments, texts, and mail being sent to the hospital.

Good night world. Let's pray that Mia's cells will start making their appearnace soon, like in the next few days! Go Maddy's cells!


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