Sunday, March 12, 2023

Day + 3 Chemo

This morning was going good, it was a nice slow Sunday morning. At least I got 3 big laps in around the halls in the morning. I'm keeping a record of my daily laps on this white board. There is a big loop around and a small loop. It’s good to have options. 

Then I got a big bag of cyclophosphamide chemo to target and kill the t-cells that cause graft vs. host which ran over 2 hours ... with another med called Mesna. Basically all of that made me NOT feel good at all. Once I threw up, I actually felt better. There is literally nothing in my stomach now. Tomorrow I have to do this all over again too. I know I just need to push through, one minute at a time. 

I can't really do much but rest and close my eyes. My mom and I are watching the Oscars right now. I'm just listening. 

I am so grateful to everyone who is keeping me in your prayers. It's truly helping and getting me through this hard part. This whole week will be rough but it’s just part of the process. 


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