Sunday, March 19, 2023

Day + 10 Visitors

Mornings are really slow around here. ITs hard to get up and get moving when you have literally zero counts.Just simple things like walking to the bathroom is exhausting, and honeslty just plain living.

I couldn't fully keep my eyes open but I did listen to Pastor Chad's Sunday Service from Sun Valley Community Church online. God always knows what we need to hear, when we need to hear it.

You know what absolutely made my day? Even, made my week? A visit from my dad and oldest sister Ashley and my youngest sister Maddy who donated her bone marrow to me. (My middle sister like me lives in Hawaii, so we were missing her big time.) 

Mia waited all day to shave her head until her sisters got there. (With the help of dad of course!)

Dad gave Mia a mohawk at first, because when could you ever do that again??

Nice mohawk Mia! But then she was like, MMMkkkkkk now shave the whole thing off, haha!

Mia also waited all day for them to get here because she knew she could only do 1 lap. It takes so much out of her.

But she did it with dad and sisters helping the whole time.

Then Mia had some tears ... she was really thankful her sisters came.

It's 100% ok to have a moment, or many moments, if you need them. Ashley helped make a TIK TOK to document their time together, and it kind of went viral. CLICK HERE to watch.

One thing for sure is that Mia is surrounded by love. Family means everything to her, and it always has.

You got this Mia! Hang in there, this is the hard part where your cells are bottoming out, so that Maddy's cells can make their home in your bone marrow. You are one tough kiddo, you can do hard things. God brought you this far, He will see it through til the end, we just have to trust His timing and His purpose.


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