Saturday, March 4, 2023

Day - 6 Transplant


(Photo pictured was late last night) Very early this morning was rough, not going to lie. (Technically 11:00 pm last night.) Mia felt suddenly like she had the flu after the Thiotepa was done. It wasn’t fun. She had just fallen asleep for about an hour after she had some Ativan, but had to get up and shower at 11:00 pm .. she felt super nauseous and threw up. Poor girl. It’s really hard as a parent when you can’t touch them for 48 hours because they have poison secreting out their pores onto their skin. Bless her heart … and my hat goes off to parents who have toddlers that have to go through this … I cannot imagine. After her shower she slept from 12 am - 5am … at 5am sharp up for another shower. 

Then at 8am they started a chemo called fludarabine. After that was going for an hour, they started cyc. Mia did ok with those. Definitely more on the tired side now as her hgb is now 8.6 

Even feeling crummy she did some laps around the unit. Go Mia! 

She had a surprise visitor … dad! 

Thank you dad for helping me do laps around the bone marrow unit.

You inspired me to do one extra ... haha, I beat yesterday's laps.

Thank you to my neighbor Ken for this amazing giant sized card ... Ken, EVERYONE loves it and is so impressed with how amazing it is. YOU really our did yourself with this one! I love it, perfect way to decorate my hospital door. Now everyone knows exactly where my room is, you can't miss it, haha!

Each day is getting a little tougher ... thank you so much for keeping sweet Mia in your prayers! Thank you God for all the little miracle we see along the way. We can feel your presence with us <3 


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