Saturday, April 22, 2023

Day + 44


It's been exactly 3 weeks since my last blood transfusion that was given to me on April 1st during my BMT. ( I remember April 1st all too well because that's when I had a TRALI - a reaction to a blood transfusion that attacked my lungs, a year ago, on April 1st 2022.) 

Normally I would have gotten a blood transfusion probably yesterday, I would have been pale, tired, and lethargic, with a high heart rate from doing ... absolutely nothing. 

Today, I'm doing quite well. I still get a little nauseas in the mornings, sometimes, I've never had chemo or radiation, or any of that before, so that's to be expected. But to not be feeling, 'low' .... there are no words to describe it. Am I really free of the hospital life after 20 years with DBA???!?!?!?

Everybody should know by now that my little sister Maddy volunteered to donate her stem cells to me. All those years, and I had my cure right by my side the whole time.

I had a bone marrow aspiration back in Tucson the day I was discharged from the hospital while I stayed at the Ronald McDonald House Charities Tucson, and the results show: I am 97.53% (+5) so basically 100% engrafted as ... MADDY! What a real life superhero she is. Go Maddy's cells GO!

She saved my life, along with all the blood donors who have kept me alive for the past 20 years. How do you say thank you enough?!?!?!?! I guess to live a long and fabulous life!!


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