Wednesday, April 5, 2023

Day + 27 Clinic Appt.


We made it to the clinic on the 2nd floor of the hospital, it's like a doctor's office and POTC all in one spot making it super convenient to be seen, and if you need anything like platelets, you can just get them there.

Look who came in on her day off ... to spoil Mia, Nurse Megan. We didn't get to see her when Mia got discharged so it was so nice to give her a squeeze. Thank you for the T-Swift sunglasses and HELLO, Taylor Swift Folklore Album!

Mia got platelets while in the clinic and had a nice little Benadryl nap. 

We swing by the 6th floor D6W to say to Adrian and anyone who was working ... keep going Adrian! You are getting there <3 Stay strong, I'll probably come back and say hi on Friday!

Yay for getting to see Rachel! It feels like we haven't seen you in so long, but it only been a few days, still way too long to not see you!


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